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Home & Building Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections of Existing Homes

For people who have found a home they wish to purchase from another owner. Usually these inspections take place after the purchase contract has been signed, but sometimes you can get an inspection if you're only considering making an offer but have not signed on the dotted line, for instance if you are currently renting the home you are thinking about buying. The buyer usually has 7 to 10 days after signing a contract to obtain a home inspection.

First-time Home Buyer Inspections

For people who have purchased a newly constructed home and the construction is completed (utilities and water are on, etc.).

New Home Warranty Inspections

For people who have purchased and are already living in a newly constructed home and the builder's warranty is still in effect (usually a builder's warranty is one year).

Pre-Market Home Inspections

Extra time is provided to explain any of the features in the home that the first-time home buyers may not be familiar with. Buyers are encouraged to follow the inspector during the inspection and ask questions about the home’s conditions, major systems and shut-offs, and get detailed information about features, maintenance and potential future expenditures.

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RADON Testing

We offer radon testing to anyone concerned about radon levels in their homes. We can place a state-of-the-art radon monitor in your home and provide the results to you at the completion of the 48 hour test.